About Me

Hi there,

You’ve stumbled upon my blog. Well one of them anyway… I’m one of those super unorganised yet methodical individuals who has numerous blogs and outlets (shoutout to my tumblr,), yet I am always searching for more creative spaces to let my mind be free – since one is not enough.

This is one of those creative spaces. Key word is one. Haha.

I’m Shehnaz, but you obviously already know that.

This is my lil’ blog where I pop things that I didn’t want or need to put into an article, it’s just my thoughts, bits and bobs, rants, essays, poetry, lightbulb moments.. the lot. it’s things that don’t fit anywhere else for that matter, and often consists of my extra long captions on Instagram where I have an overwhelming urge to write what is currently overpowering my brain. So this was born. I reckon my Instagram followers will thank WordPress for this idea, as it means I’m not taking up their phone screen with my rant about why refugees are welcome, why feminism is incredibly necessary, why there shouldn’t be a stigma surrounding the warriors who battle mental health, and why we need to love ourselves more and practice kindness, humility, grace and love as nothing else really matters in this world. On that note, if you don’t agree with any of the above, then this blog is probably not for you. Thanks for coming along though… or not? I haven’t quite decided on that one yet.

Alongside writing, working as a journalist and writer, dabbling in market research and PR and presenting on your airwaves, I also write creatively, and have been steadily working on poetry and long-form non-fiction and fiction for a long while now. Writing is what fuels my purpose, I believe words are soft magic and provide routes to escapism beyond our wildest imagination. There is something so kaleidoscopic and psychedelic about the ability to paint pictures with words… I hope I can get to that point one day?

So the fun stuff… Outside of work and all that jazz, you’d probably find me lost in a good book, painting, taking photos of nature, staring at sunsets, dancing at a Beyonce concert, bulk buying make-up I’ll forget I have, stepping off a plane into the most random places in an effort to combat my wanderlust or binge-watching Netflix, as let’s be real, that’s clearly what I do best here. This is kind of why I created this blog, it’s just another little place for me to write about things. I’m hard-wired into my work routines, I thought it would be good to have a little place where I can mix the both.

Key facts: I like cats, pizza, cups of Starbucks coffee and the occasional cup of tea, and that’s really all you need to know.

So that’s it from me as I’ve already gone on and on and on and on and ON enough (I’m be quiet now), but in a more professional capacity, if you are looking for my Journalism work or portfolio, then please click here or visit www.shehnazkhan.com, as you’re currently on the wrong site 😉

You can also find my email and links to social media on the tabs to your right,

Thanks for reading, catch up soon!

Much love,



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