Rant of the day: We should ALL be feminists

we should all



…. What her shirt says  In a world where we are constantly berated, belittled, scrutinised, shamed, attacked, tainted, damaged and killed at the hands of others, to act like feminism isn’t a necessary movement is to have your eyes wide open yet still be blind. Saying you don’t support feminism because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying you don’t think murder should be illegal because you have never been killed. I mean, you can be “over feminism” as much as you want until you realise that women are being drenched in acid, disfigured, abducted, raped, mutilated, oppressed, subdued, tortured and murdered for trying to own a right they were born with, but I guess if you’re ok with all of the above, then you’re obviously just not strong enough to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny and continuous patriarchy that permeates culture and has been putting you at a disadvantage since birth, just because you are female. You’re openly choosing not to support a movement that seeks to dismantle systems of oppression and toxic masculinity and instead seeks the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, so I’m sorry but there’s really no other way to put this other than, “you’re weak,” because you are. I often feel bad for women and men who say they “hate feminism” because that’s internalised misogyny of the highest degree.
Please understand that feminism is incredibly necessary, and for seemingly little things that you are used to, such as safety, the freedom to love and the beauty of an education, there are millions who are being killed, millions who are being forced into marriage with men twice their age and to be absolutely precise…. 62 million girls who are not allowed an education and will presently never receive one.

This brings me onto the topic of education rates, but it’s honestly so crazy to me how women’s literacy rate in my motherland, Pakistan is about 40%. Breaks my heart, wish more was done to ensure everyone had a chance to grow. Three of my aunts are teachers & have opened a girls only school in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa but most other educational establishments in Pakistan are simply co-educational by name, as the proportion of women studying there is just 5%.
We shouldn’t have to fight for THE right, but we do, so we will stay fighting. “We should all be feminists” – Chichimanda Ngozi Adichie




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