Always Use Your Voice

Just look at the picture above.

What do you see?


What gave me goosebumps and sent shivers down my spine about this is that fact that there are enough victims of police brutality on the list to fill the FULL seven stories high, monolith, at Bey’s show. That’s 60 feet of names… Notice “countless others” at the bottom. So many names immediately jumped out at at me but question is, how many others do we not know about? This has got to end and it has to end now. How many more must die before we realise that black lives, brown lives, minority ethnic and the marginalised need to be protected and given the same equal rights? We are ALL given the ability to be leaders in our own right. We are ALL given the power to influence beyond measure. We must not waste that opportunity. In times of injustice like this… Staying silent is part of the problem. If you say nothing or do nothing, YOU are choosing the side of the oppressor by default. Always use your voice. No matter what happens, what is said, what is done and what fear is instilled upon you. Always, use your voice. That is something I will always stay true to. Do not sit and stay silent when humans need to you stand, speak up and FIGHT for their rights.

“We all have the power to channel our anger and frustration into action.” This just says it all – It’s unbelievable what news has been leaving the US over the past 24 hours. Enough is enough. They don’t want you to contest, fight or win, for they seek acceptance, submission, and loss, but institutionalised racism and systematic oppression will never succeed whilst there are people willing to take a stand. Everyday someone else is a victim. Everyday someone else becomes a hashtag. Everyday… It’s just someone else. What is it going to take? United we rise, divided we fall. All power to the people.



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