Spain 2015: Barcelonaaaaa

Have you ever visited a city that changed your entire perspective of life? There is something that has always appealed to me about travelling and seeing the world. Life was not meant to be lived in one place, and now that i’m finally in a position to be able to do more, I plan on ticking off the places on my bucket list one by one.

overlooking beach

Lunch overlooking the Barceloneta beach.

This brings me to Spain. I’d never been to Spain before, although everyone I know appeared to have visited regularly, but despite having ventured out of the country a number of times, i’d not yet stepped foot on the sunny, crystal, catalan shores that encompasses one of the biggest cultures in the world.


The view overlooking the Port Olimpic.

Barcelona is beautiful, there is no other way to put it. Such serenity, tranquility and peace surrounds every single corner of the city. The architecture is adventurous and culture rich. I can only describe it as a harmonious blending of centuries of history and the modern world, something which I think landmarks such as The Magic Fountains, Salgrada Famillia and Park Guell perfectly emits.


The architecture is a blend of history and culture.

Our hotel was located about a ten minute walk from the beach, far from the central city. It was 3* star, and on an impulse buy we decided to book it only to find it that it was better then we could have imagined, hence why sometimes we didn’t even want to leave our rooms. But nonetheless, everyday, several times a day we’d make the walk down to the beach and spend hours upon hours sat in the sun.

me and my girls

My girls Manda, Persia and I ready to go out.

There’s something so refreshing about truly unwinding, and there is no better way to do that then in the company of your best friends, two of which I was lucky to have accompany me on five of the most peaceful days of my life. It’s so peaceful I can envision it like it was just yesterday, last week seems like it’s a long way away now.


Sunset in the city.


The Port Olimpic is open into the early hours of the night.

We spent most of our time at the Port Olimpic. A marina located east of the Port of Barcelona, full of the most vibrant and picturesque restaurants, coffee shops, and Arabian shisha (hookah) lounges, not to mention the beautiful golden beaches that ran alongside it for miles, hosting some of the greatest beach parties, clubs and shops, all in close proximity. We never ever even thought about going anyone else. Why would we? Not when there was so much to see here. We spent every single night at one of the many shisha lounges by the harbour, where I’m pretty sure I had the best watermelon shisha i’d ever had in my entire life. I would pretty much go back to Barcelona just to pick up a lifetime supply.


Barceloneta beach during the evening.


Preparing to hit the harbour.

There is something so oddly therapeutic and restorative about travelling. Not just travelling, but flying through the beautiful clouds and blue skies. Getting away can be so important for your healing, and most specifically the healing of your heart and soul. It’s incredible what a change of scene can do for you, and as I left Barcelona, it was almost as if there was a brand new cultivation of positive thoughts, wisdom and perspective, it was as if I had unearthed the birth of a brand new mindful awareness within myself, something that I never knew I had. I’ve learnt now more than ever, that no matter what happens, you don’t ever have to be stuck in the same place or surrounded by the same people if it’s not benefitting you. Why should you ever have to keep people around you that don’t add anything to your life? It’s time to let them go. There’s a whole world out there waiting to be experienced, there is still much out there left to see… To live.

Set yourself free,




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