What I Am Beginning To Learn About Letting Go

I’m in such a good place these days. I can’t even explain it, but i’ve noticed it for a while. Just been so scared it was temporary, but I have a different feeling this time, a good feeling. In all honesty, I feel like such a warrior… Enlightened, brave and fulfilled. It’s all good right now, not perfect, but it’s good.

Letting go is an art that can always be mastered despite how worthless it seems sometimes, takes a lot of discernment but it is possible. It’s almost like some sort of conscious psychological effort, empowering and intensive in many ways, but it’s highly crucial and it’s importance cannot be underestimated – Everything is always a constant work in process.


There comes a time in your life when you simply have to cultivate the practice of doing what’s best for you, and you alone, you can’t afford to do anything less. Put yourself first, not second. If you’re not being true to who you are, and what you are then you’re not going to be happy. You just do you, and that’s all, and in all terms, putting yourself, your needs and your happiness first is NEVER selfish either. You can’t help everyone, but you can always help yourself. You can still remain selfless, even if you put yourself first, but… You have to love yourself first, in order to truly love others, because how can you truly love others with every inch and depth of your being, if you don’t? Loving who you are as a person makes you virtually indestructible. I know that now.

Until next time,




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